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Empowering women through entrepreneurship, innovation and business sustainability

This month, I am honoured to be presenting to a group of business women from Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka to help them grow their businesses and communities.

The visit is part of a University of Southern Queensland (USQ) led training and development program – Empowering Women through Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Business Sustainability – funded by, among others, The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). I first presented to this inspirational USQ program in 2015 (pictured), and it will again be fabulous to meet women who already having strong business backgrounds, but who are keen to travel and learn with an open mind. The work USQ is doing in bringing these people to Australia is inspired. It forges bonds and creates synergies that will benefit the presenters, the participants, and ultimately all of the communities and markets in which they operate.

You can find out more about the USQ program here.

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