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Good things from 2016

Much has been written, said, drawn and tweeted about the failures of 2016, but they are so last year! Some, indeed many of them, we will live with for many years to come, but we cannot change most of them. Let’s remember some of the positive things that happened in 2016:

  • StKilda Son left home. I am proud that my husband, Ross, and I, have raised two strong, funny, independent young men who have the skills to live on their own. I love seeing them back, but am thrilled they are starting their own chapters.

  • The Man of My Dreams and I are empty nesters, rediscovering the joys of being on our own and of not having to share all the food and red wine.

  • The siege of Aleppo stopped. Not well, not for good probably, but it stopped.

  • The US election is over, as above.

  • Women in sport appeared online, in the paper, on television everywhere and all the time.There have always been great rugby players, soccer players, tennis players, netballers, athletes of all kinds, but suddenly there are female AFL teams and we now get to see more of them.

  • Australian women cricketers are better than the men at test cricket, refer above.

  • We grew and ate great mushrooms, lettuce, potatoes, snowpeas and tomatoes from what was once a boring, dying lawn.

  • I bought a new paddle board.

  • Sydney Swan Son released a new EP and a video filmed on a phone. Great work, great fun.

  • I drank wine watching an elephant tour a Thai vineyard.

  • I delivered training to law firm partners in Hong Kong. They all came, they all stayed and they all turned their phones off.

  • We celebrated 30 years of marriage and 25 years in business.

Beat that 2017!

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