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Back to school 2

An unexpected pleasure of being grownups back at school is to see the undergraduates being, well, undergraduates. At lunchtime I sat in the sun reading amid the sounds of music, laughter, boys and girls joking, having fun. As with tertiary institutions everywhere, high school students are invited to the campus to see what Heriot-Watt University has to offer. These are still great days, full of music, fun and football just as they were when I was an undergrad. Out come the special cars from the engineers, hand painted tee shirts from the fashion students and all the fun stuff that makes uni so different from school. Perhaps what is the only real, but very welcome difference from my undregraduate days, is the diversity of the student group. In Dubai, undergraduates, like us post grads, come from a huge range of countries, cultures, faiths and experiences. Regardless, everyone plays, laughs, shares. It is a great reminder of the joy in education, of the real excitement of discovery and sharing, even when some of us are older!

Prof Abigail and Shirin Jarrar with a car from another planet!

Professor Abigail Mark, EBS Director of Research and the DBA Programme and Shirin Jarrar, MBA Program Director Dubai admiring one of the amazing cars built by Heriot-Watt faculty and students on Dubai campus

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