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5 things to take off your pre-Christmas to do list

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Time seems to be running out, and there are always things you need to get done. This is a list of things you can take off your to do list to make this last week a bit calmer and help you ease into the holiday period:

1. Write Christmas cards

If you have not done it now, it is too late to do anything meaningful, so do not bother this year, no one will die. Put a Christmas greeting on your website and send an email or text to everyone important saying how crazy the end of the year was. Only commit to catch up with people in the New Year you really want to see. Keep it short but real.

2. See everyone

Your small supplies of Christmas cheer have already been used up and clearly you cannot do this in the last week. Accept every invitation to meet, dine, network – and then gracefully decline. If there are people you really want to see, make a time to catch up in the New Year, when it can be relaxed not crazy. Instead, write down a list of people you want to spend more time with next year and diarise it to make it happen.

3. Buy Christmas cards

Too late but a good time to get organised for next year. Write in your diary to start writing Christmas cards in November so you can make them meaningful and send them early enough for people to respond and make contact.

4. Get last minute work done

Hopefully the world will not end over the Christmas break, so in almost all circumstances it is only an arbitrary halt in proceedings. Work out the things you can tidy up now and make lists of all the work you need to do for the New Year, and plan to do it then. Have a drink instead.

5. Forget to thank someone

I know I am cheating, but this is quick and important. Think about who has made you happy this year, at work or home and thank them properly, it is an investment.

There you go - less to do. You're welcome! Have a great Christmas!

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