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New Year work resolutions

Starting 2017 with a clean slate

First week back after the holidays; what to wear to work, what the hell are my passwords?! Having cracked password bingo, I stumble over a few notes I made for myself in between Christmas drinks, anticipating just this moment, slowly I begin to put it all together, who I am, what I do. Why I do it is the missing bit. Let me tell you what I found out.

I am working to be paid. Sometimes I get to do work I enjoy, sometimes I even make a difference, but most of us most of the time are working to put money in the bank. In the easily distracted way we have at this time of year, I see some New Year Resolutions from marketers and gurus, they all want to spend more time with their loved ones, with their creative pursuits, they want to get fit … all the same. I have some of those too, but they are my personal thoughts and I am not sure we know each other well enough to share those just yet. So here are my work commitments for 2017:

  1. Spend five minutes before every meeting planning, 10 minutes afterwards following-up.

  2. No back-to-back meetings. Let meetings finish when the work is done.

  3. Focus on delivering value in every interaction.

  4. Do not get involved in emotional politics; this is work.

  5. Sometimes clients leave or disappear. This is not a personal issue, this is work.

  6. Recognise when people do good work and celebrate wins.

  7. Look at failures, yours and others, and commit to learning something from each of them.

  8. Be inspired by other people’s achievements.

  9. When in doubt, be grateful I have work and the ability to do it.

  10. Write 300 words every day, so at least it will get done once a week.

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